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Earth Testers Kyoritsu 4200 Maximize

Earth Testers Kyoritsu 4200

Earth Clamp Tester Kyoritsu 4200

Range:              20Ω/200Ω/1200Ω
Place of Origin: Japan
Brand Name:    Kyoritsu
Product Code:  Model 4200
Warranty:         12 months
Delivery:           Free Nationwide

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Kyoritsu 4200

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17,301,790.00 ₫

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Application Earth Clamp Tester 4200 Kyoritsu:

  •  Earth Clamp Tester 4200 Kyoritsu is one of the indispensable instruments of electricians, electrical engineers, workers installing electrical equipment testing and inspection of electronic circuit boards in a flexible way to quickly high accuracy when used safely.
  • Earth Testers before closing electrical safety is a mandatory demand villa indispensable during construction and installation, electrical system test prior to use. It has a market Kyoritsu product line Earth Clamp Tester 4200 Kyoritsu to meet demand.

Specifications, Earth Clamp Tester 4200 Kyoritsu:

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