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KEW 1018 Kyoritsu Maximize

KEW 1018 Kyoritsu

  • Digital Multimeter KEW 1018 Kyoritsu

Place of Origin:        China
Brand Name:           KYORITSU
Model Number:       Kew 1018
warranty:                 12 month

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Kyoritsu 1018

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913,000.00 ₫

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Application Digital Multimeter KEW 1018 Kyoritsu

  • At 1018 Kyoritsu power meter's indispensable electrician, electrical engineer, the installation of electrical test equipment and test an electronic circuit boards flexible high-precision rapid safe to use.
  • In industrial multimeter 1018  Kyoritsu is the engineer always choosing the wrong partner. With many superior features can measure the exact parameters quickly life.

The basic features of the Kyoritsu 1018-Kew 1018:

  • Best feature of the 1018  Kyoritsu with new design features integrated current measurement AC / DC in a flexible manner.
  • 1018 Kyoritsu multimeter can measure the following parameters: AC voltage, DC voltage, resistance Ω, measurement and frequency measurement circuit

Quality standard Digital Multimeter KEW 1018 Kyoritsu

  • IEC 61010-1 CAT.III 300V
    IEC 61010-2-031
    IEC 61326-1


Quality standard Digital Multimeter KEW 1018 Kyoritsu

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