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Model 1009 Kyoritsu

  • Digital Multimeter Model 1009 Kyoritsu

Place of Origin:        China
Brand Name:           KYORITSU
Model Number:       Model 1009
warranty:                 12 month

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Kyoritsu 1009

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1,078,000.00 ₫

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Application Digital Multimeter Model 1009 Kyoritsu

  • Dealer 1009 Kyoritsu power meter's indispensable electrician, electrical engineer, the installation of electrical test equipment and test an electronic circuit boards flexible high-precision rapid safe to use 
  • In industrial multimeter 1009  Kyoritsu is the engineer always choosing the wrong partner. With many superior features can measure the exact parameters quickly life.

The basic features Digital Multimeter Model 1009 Kyoritsu

  • Best feature of the 1009 Kyoritsu with new design features integrated current measurement 10A-AC / DC in a flexible manner.
  • 1009 Kyoritsu multimeter can measure the following parameters: AC voltage, DC voltage, resistance Ω, measurement and frequency measurement circuit

Quality standard Digital Multimeter Model 1009 Kyoritsu

  • IEC 61010-1 CAT.III 300V
    IEC 61010-2-031
    IEC 61326-1

Specifications Digital Multimeter Model 1009 Kyoritsu

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